So worth it…

So so soooOOOoooo worth it!! That's life tho. When you think about it. All that has happened over an entire lifetime, thus far, has led to here, now. And if you are going thru a season right now, KNOW that you WILL come out of it. You will. God didn't create you to fear or… Continue reading So worth it…


Exciting News.

I have been praying and praying and waiting and waiting... and the Lord finally moved me forward in this journey. We have always said that we need to Be Still and Be Patient... and, for the most part, I think I have. I think I have done a decent job at waiting in this wilderness.… Continue reading Exciting News.


HE keeps HIS Promises

There was one time about five years ago (almost exactly five years ago) that the twins were 6 weeks old in the NICU. Callia was close to being discharged and Matthew was prepping for his 3rd surgery. Matthew was NOT doing well at all. Everything was going wrong for him. All his stats were slowly… Continue reading HE keeps HIS Promises

2019, april 2016

Like a Movie

I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon trying to write. And what's going through my mind is just a bunch of memories. The flashbacks come and go. And today they are strong. I think because I am trying to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for the first day of school. My twins, my babies,… Continue reading Like a Movie


Emotional Detachment

I wanted to share to this share this again. A post about emotions during a trauma. I wanted to share my real feelings and thoughts from 2017 because I am currently writing an update to this post. It’s been an incredible journey. I use those words often to describe my life these past 5 years… “incredible journey”. Stay Tuned to hear about what they truly mean.

She Believed She Could Believe

I am going to be brutally honest in this post because I think it’s time.

I can’t seem to comprehend the reality of everything going on lately. I have been in Mama Bear Mode for so long, I have detached myself from feeling true emotion.

From day one I have had to fight for Matthew and Callia. And when Callia was well, I have had to continue to fight to avoid death for Matthew on several occasions. My mind clicked to the OFF and I became a zombie for months. My world was so dark I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t see how far my future went with Matthew. I didn’t think there even was a future. I couldn’t help but think ‘not without my son’!!

And when Matthew came home from the hospital for the first time, Mama Bear Mode was switched to ON. I didn’t have time to cry or be sad…

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