I don’t like roller coasters

  NOVEMBER 12, 2014 I have never ever ever been the roller coaster riding type. I don’t like the fall. I don’t like the feeling I get when going down on a dip.. my stomach lifts and flies into my throat.. my brain floats internally within my skull.. my body rises off the seat and… Continue reading I don’t like roller coasters

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18 Weeks ……

18 weeks … NOVEMBER 6, 2014 ….and counting. Yes, my son has been in the NICU for 18 weeks… and he will be there for a couple more. Matthew’s nephrologist finally said those magic words. ..he’s ready to go home. All my husband and I have to do is Learn how to do his dialysis…… Continue reading 18 Weeks ……

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Speechless… Breathless…. Blessed

Speechless… Breathless… Blessed NOVEMBER 6, 2014 Thats it… God is Good! Four months in the NICU. 4 months. Ive seen numerous babies go home. I’ve seen a handful of babies go home to God’s kingdom. I’ve seen sickness.. health.. desperation.. despair.. joy.. laughter.. love.. anger.. and so much more! I’ve seen my own son sick.… Continue reading Speechless… Breathless…. Blessed

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The Doctor Said It!!

The doctor said it NOVEMBER 6, 2014 Today… November 5th… I was standing bedside taking that sleeping photo of Matthew. His nephrologist came in and looked his machine over. Asked his nurse how he was doing.. then turned to me and said … “he’s ready to go home now.” I felt my blood rush straight to… Continue reading The Doctor Said It!!

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How I see Myself Right Now…

How I see myself NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Sunday Pastor preached about self reflection. How do we see ourselves? Spiritually… how do we see ourselves? He gave us a fewv second to visualize ourselves spiritually. My first instinctive visual surprised myself… it was far far from the one I had hoped to actually be one day. How… Continue reading How I see Myself Right Now…