Fever .. pt.2

  JANUARY 30, 2015 HOLA!!! I wanted to share a little bit more about last weeks hospital stay. This is the update I gave on our Facebook Group Page … Matthew’s Miracles.. well, hello everyone. I am laughing because the past few updates I have started with “its been a crazy week…” lol… life is… Continue reading Fever .. pt.2

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Fever! written on JANUARY 22, 2015 Only a certain group of very special people will understand these two photos. As you nod your head in agreement and understanding, I am currently sitting at my son’s bedside…except we aren’t home. We are at the Children’s hospital in PICU. (He’s a big boy now… no longer in… Continue reading Fever

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Day Twelve of 2015

Day 12 written on  JANUARY 12, 2015 Day 12 of the year and we have made our first Emergency Room trip already. Yay us!! UGH! This morning, I was holding my son after a long night of vomiting. Poor little thing. We got aggressive with his dialysis and to try and drain him better. Well,… Continue reading Day Twelve of 2015