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Can’t Stop.

Don’t Stop. Can’t Stop! Written on JULY 16, 2015 This past year, I have traveled and coasted through life quite erratically. Some days went really fast, some days went really slow and some days were just a huge blur. I have felt like I have been so busy with EVERYTHING. Which, for me, is GOOD! I… Continue reading Can’t Stop.

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A Prenatal Diagnosis List For You

Written on  JULY 12, 2015 March 20th, 2014 is the day I will always remember. The first time my husband and I were told that there was something wrong. I remember everything we were told. I remember every word the ultrasound tech said. I remember the instant pain I felt in my entire body. The… Continue reading A Prenatal Diagnosis List For You

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Life is a Gift

Written on  JULY 8, 2015 One of our friends daughter from our support group received the Gift of Life today. She was blessed with a kidney. My heart gets so overwhelmed with happiness when I read our kidney friends make the transplant list or they get kidneys. It is a beautiful thing. I get so excited… Continue reading Life is a Gift

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Outside Looking In

Written on  JULY 5, 2015 I have been wanting to write this topic for a week now. But I have honestly been avoiding the topic. I wrote a previous post about avoiding my emotions and just notdealing with how I feel. Last week, I had to take Matthew to get his labs done. He gets his… Continue reading Outside Looking In

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NICU Care Packages

Written on  JULY 3, 2015 That is what these past weeks have felt like…. a tornado. But not a bad tornado… not one that leaves destruction. One of those tornadoes that you watch on youtube that just twirls through open field with little destruction and no lives taken. lol. We survived. I survived. Since I… Continue reading NICU Care Packages