2015 blogs, September 2015

We witnessed miracles

  SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 When a woman is pregnant, her body changes. It changes to conform to the little human that is growing inside of her. It’s a beautiful thing…. pregnancy. It’s a time when you start taking those weekly photos, and downloading every pregnancy app possible and start clicking on due date clubs, breastfeeding… Continue reading We witnessed miracles


She’s Not Alone

  SEPTEMBER 27, 2015 Last night I was blessed to meet a mother of a 4 year old that is fighting a hard to cure illness. This little boy may need a bone marrow transplant in the coming months. I met this beautiful mother in the kitchen of the Ronald McDonald House. Made For A Miracle was… Continue reading She’s Not Alone

2015 blogs, September 2015

So Here I am…

  SEPTEMBER 23, 2015 It is Wednesday morning, about 250am. I am still wide awake because I just don’t sleep… like ever. It was a very busy day today and tomorrow will be even busier. I find my days lately, just getting filled with so much stuff. A lot of stuff that I have to… Continue reading So Here I am…

2015 blogs, September 2015

Grey’s Anatomy

  SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 I am addicted to this show. I never watched it before August. I was in my sons hospital room and I watched one of the most recent episodes. I don’t remember what it was about, but I remember the show was really good. So, in my time of waiting and time… Continue reading Grey’s Anatomy