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The Echo

  NOVEMBER 30, 2015 When you have a baby in the NICU for a long time, you see things… you hear things… you feel things that are sometimes indescribable. You can’t talk about it. You can’t mention it to anyone. And the mere thought of these things is just so painful… I have never discussed… Continue reading The Echo

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The Worry

  NOVEMBER 23, 2015 The Worry. I picture “worry” like the Mucinex character in the commercials. Gunky, annoying, gross and a pest. It is something that doesn’t go away on its own. It won’t just sit still somewhere. It is that annoying voice in your head that won’t shut up. (And I know you all… Continue reading The Worry

2015 blogs, November 2015

Fall Family Festival 2015

  NOVEMBER 14, 2015 I wanted to share about our first ever Family Festival. It was held on Saturday Nov. 7th in the beautiful city of La Quinta, CA. It is a Family Festival loaded with businesses and organizations that are All About Families. It is a great organization that has grown so much in our… Continue reading Fall Family Festival 2015

2015 blogs, November 2015

Seconds, Minutes, Hours

  NOVEMBER 10, 2015 It’s incredible how short life really is. You never realize how short life is until it changes. Dramatically, instantly and without any warning. You will wake up in the morning and drink some coffee. You will wake the kids up and get them ready for school. Feed them, dress them and… Continue reading Seconds, Minutes, Hours