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Breaking Point

I am usually the calm one. I hide my stress well and I take everything with a grain of a salt. I let things and news just come and we take whatever comes our way and just that... deal. Matthew is coming up to 21 months old... 21 months on dialysis... 24 months of this… Continue reading Breaking Point


Dear Parent of a Sick Child (letter #2)


Dear Parent of a Sick Child,

You are still there, aren’t you?  You are still at the hospital awaiting for results, for your child to wake up, and for any glimpse of good news…anything that will settle your heart to the hope of a new day without sickness.  You are tired, but you do not want to show it.  You put on a strong face, but you wonder sometimes if you can keep this costume of strength on.

You have found yourself to be a superhero of sorts,  During those quiet moments, you feel like Clark Kent.  You feel vulnerable, weak, and absolutely human.  Yet, during those strong moments where your sick child is watching, you adorn yourself with that cape of strength that you have uncomfortably worn for a while now.  You become Superman or Superwoman.  You stay up all night watching the monitors next to your child…

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Why we live the way we do…

Having a child on dialysis means to have a special kind of life. I don't believe that every person can handle this type of life. I have met some moms who are literally driving themselves crazy over "little" things. I have seen parents divorce over the many life changing decisions they need to make to… Continue reading Why we live the way we do…