The Sisterhood of Mother’s of Medically Fragile Children

One of the most perfectly and beautifully written posts about motherhood for “us moms”

Without a Crystal Ball

We are a sisterhood that we never imagined being a part of and never wanted to be in. Yet, we are a sisterhood united in caring for our children and helping them meet their highest potential. Most of us are stuck at home, unable to hang out due to the demands of our children’s needs. Our relationships are forged in online support groups, through non-profit organizations, and via online blogs and articles. We stand united that our kids deserve the best resources, services and care. Yet, many of us are stuck in a broken system where insurance dictates what our children will receive. We hope for the best but don’t know what the future holds in a world that wasn’t built for our kids.

When we are struggling, we try our best to lift one another up, offer suggestions, resources and tips for what has worked for us. There is…

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Post-Op : Urology

  Today (07-14-16) we had Matthew's post-op appointment with the urologist. Matthew was checked over and the urologist said one of the most beautiful things I can ever hear... "Matthew is officially cleared by urology. See you next year." Aaaahhhhhhh!!!! Can you believe it?! I can!! We always knew that God had amazing plans for... Continue Reading →

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