We are so close…

Matthew is growing and getting big. He is getting better and better at everything. He is babbling more. He is communicating a lot better. His legs are strong and he is moving a lot faster. It is amazing to see how much he is progressing. We have had some issues with his blood pressure lately.… Continue reading We are so close…

2016, September 2016

Mama Can’t Help Him.

As Matthew's mama... I have taken over as his full time caretaker. Yes, I am a mom, and yes that is my job anyhow... but kids like Matthew normally have a nurse to help with everything that entails to take care of a kid like Matthew. We had some bad experiences with our nurses and… Continue reading Mama Can’t Help Him.

2016, September 2016

Life is Hard

Life is Hard. That's pretty much it. My kids all came down with the stomach bug last week. ALL OF THEM. ALL SIX OF THEM!!! And now that they are all feeling better, I now have it. All day yesterday, last night and today I have not been able to keep anything down. And let… Continue reading Life is Hard

2016, September 2016

I gots a Facebook

At the insistence of someone I respect, I created a Facebook page for this blog. It is titled the same as this blog. I am going to start sharing these blog posts, starting from the very beginning in October 2014. So if you want to follow along from the beginning and catch up, head over… Continue reading I gots a Facebook