Jochebed… to save her son.

The past three weeks our church, Love of Christ Community Church,  has had a special bible study series for women. We learned and dove deep into the study of the Women of the Bible. Women like Sarah, Rahab, Bathseheba, Jochebed and Jabez' Mom. I will be sharing some posts about the weeks lessons, but today I… Continue reading Jochebed… to save her son.


Fearfully And Wonderfully Made — Pure Glory (ReBlog)

by Hazel Straub God your Creator, gives you your identity. He created you in his image and made you spirit, soul (mind-your thinking process, will and emotions), housed in a body, (Genesis 1:27). He gave you a unique personality and gifts. The precious blood of Jesus the Christ, redeems you from sin and rebellion, when […]… Continue reading Fearfully And Wonderfully Made — Pure Glory (ReBlog)