Our Pregnancy

Our two youngest children, the twins, were born on July 1, 2014. They were born at 31 weeks of pregnancy.

Our son had been diagnosed with Posterior Urethral Valves when I was 17 weeks pregnant. His bladder was distended and full of urine and it backed into his kidneys. Causing severe damage to both his bladder and kidneys.

From 23 weeks, Matthew had little to no amniotic fluid. At this time we were told over and over and over again that Matthew was not going to survive much longer in my belly… our only son.

At 26 weeks, doctors conducted a procedure called a vesicocentesis, similar to an amniocentesis. Doctors will go through my belly and drain Matthew’s bladder…all in utero. This, by far, was the most painful thing I have ever felt in my life. I had no pain medication other than a local anesthetic.

At 29 weeks, we saw that his bladder was full again… but because of his already bad prognosis, doctor’s did not believe any procedures would help. Also, because of the risk to our perfectly healthy twin girl… going through with another procedure became an ethical issue. Risk one twin over the other?? One healthy twin versus a very sick twin??

We prayed and prayed and convinced the doctors to go through with a second procedure.

The doctors went in through my belly…into Matthew’s belly and drained his bladder again. During this second procedure, I was able to get a spinal block for the pain. Thank God! The doctors placed a shunt in his bladder so that it can continuously drain into his sac. And to help, doctor’s cut slits in Twin sister’s amniotic sac and then in Matthew’s sac so the two can share amniotic fluid…by the Grace of God, Callia had a little more fluid than she needed

We were again told on numerous occasions how it might be too late for his lungs to have developed because it had been so long that he was without fluid… we told the doctor’s and believed that IT WAS ALL IN GOD’S HANDS.

At 31 weeks by emergency c-section ..due to a placental abruption, the twins were born. BOTH breathing. .BOTH crying… BOTH alive.