2019, april 2016

Like a Movie

I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon trying to write. And what's going through my mind is just a bunch of memories. The flashbacks come and go. And today they are strong. I think because I am trying to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for the first day of school. My twins, my babies,… Continue reading Like a Movie

2017, april 2016

The Decision to Fight

April 2014... we made the decision to fight! We weren't going to listen to doctors or social workers or even family members and friends that said maybe we should just let "nature take its course"...We were guided into the direction of termination because IF our son even survives this pregnancy, he will be born with many… Continue reading The Decision to Fight

2016, april 2016

Quality of Life

It was about two years ago exactly that my husband and I were in a meeting with several doctors to discuss interventions for our twins, along with the risks intervention may carry and the quality of life they both may live. I remember each specialty came in and gave us their speech. Each one sounding more and… Continue reading Quality of Life

2016, april 2016

I Believe

I believe in Miracles. I believe that God can move mountains. I believe that anything is possible. I believe that God CAN DO the impossible. I believe that love hurts. I believe that LOVE conquers all. I believe in having faith. I believe that God has His own plans for everything and everyone. I believe… Continue reading I Believe