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I wanted to share a really REAL part of myself today. I think because I'm feeling some kind of way that I just need to vent and let it out. #Momlife... it's real thing. It's a real thing to literally lay in bed wide awake all night completely exhausted and just not be able to… Continue reading #Momlife


We serve a Mighty God

Text received from my friend... You are going through a lot right now. It's only human to feel emotional but WE serve a mighty God!!!! He will get you through this. Prayer and more prayer. It helps me press through! I pray God gives you peace and rest. I pray He puts a hedge of… Continue reading We serve a Mighty God

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The Choice

The choice… DECEMBER 24, 2015 The choice is yours. No matter what anyone says… or thinks… or does to try to hurt you or try to make you look bad or them better…. you get to choose how you live. We are all human. We all bleed red and breathe air. The good Lord gave us a choicehow to live. So how will you choose? To… Continue reading The Choice