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Be Still….

I have had to make some crazy decisions these last few months and I have yet to make the biggest decision yet. I really don't know what I should do. My life has been turned upside down these last few years. And last year, while dangling upside down, I was being shook to make sure… Continue reading Be Still….

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He Knows

He knows... I shared this on my Instagram this morning and it is a quote I had in my saved gallery. A lot of quotes like this, I read and save and just pray that when it is needed to be shared for someone, I will share it at the perfect time. Today was the… Continue reading He Knows

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Live for the small things

I saw this post in my Instagram archive this morning and I just had to share. I save a lot of Instagram posts so i can share them later or simply because they mean something to me. This quote made me feel some kind of way this morning. For me, this IS goals. For me,… Continue reading Live for the small things

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God does give you more than you can handle

  MAY 14, 2015 This past year I have been pushed to my limits. “I have fought the good fight.” (2 Timothy 4:7) But I feel like I’m in an intermission. The fight is not over. I remember last year in August of 2014 when I had both my babies in the NICU. I had four daughters… Continue reading God does give you more than you can handle