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At What Cost?

I am currently a part of support group for parents of babies who have been diagnosed with the same complication as our son, Posterior Urethral Valves. And a new mother recently posted about how overwhelmed she is right now. She had also done the procedure that we did for Matthew…placing a shunt in his bladder… Continue reading At What Cost?


My First Post

Hey to everyone that chooses to follow along. I am starting the new year with a new address. The last address got inundated with some mean people of the world and I want to start new. I think the "new year, new me" mentality is working well for me. It needs to. 2015 was another… Continue reading My First Post

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Faith it to Make it

Faith it to make it DECEMBER 23, 2015 Truthfully……I’m tired. And that’s pretty much it. Lol. Some amazing people who have been supporting me and encouraging me through this crazy time have been trying to get me to talk about my feelings or vent to them. They want me to share my feelings and express how… Continue reading Faith it to Make it