Who takes care of mommy?

I started this post about 2 or 3 wks ago when I was really sick. I had a really bad head cold, cough, bronchitis... it was nasty. And I was feeling really crappy about my life. I needed help with taking care of this kids but I literally had no one to help me. No… Continue reading Who takes care of mommy?


November 16

So much has happened in these past 4 years... its been kind of incredible. It has been a life I  NEVER thought or imagined we would be living. I can go on about the dream life I believed we would be living right now, but it would just be a waste of time. Because my… Continue reading November 16



So here is a question i am curious for other people to answer.... When the ONE THING you never thought would happen happens, how do you act? How do you compose yourself to react to evil, crazy, unimaginable things in a Godly manner?? There is so much going on that I wish I can just openly share… Continue reading Unreal


At this point…

I keep wondering how much longer, can I do this... how much harder is this life gonna get... I don't understand some days and other days I have total clarity. I wonder if its just my emotional detachment that is trying to get put back together or if its my spiritual life holding and fighting… Continue reading At this point…


The Fog of Life

I have missed a few weeks of writing. I have been purposely avoiding writing because I felt I needed to actually LIVE IN THESE MOMENTS. I knew I could always go back and update, which I will. I promise. But I wanted to really just FEEL. For once..  FEEL whatever it was that I was… Continue reading The Fog of Life