February 16, 2017 This was the first day we heard of the possibility and the reality of organ rejection. Matthew went in for his labs Friday and they came back very off. So off, that doctors have ordered a different medication, ultrasound and more labs in 4 days. When the doctor sat me down for… Continue reading Rejection


I keep telling myself…

I keep telling myself that we are going to make it. That everything will be okay. I keep giving myself pep talks that this is just one thing. That this is just a "bump in the road". I keep telling myself that this isn't the life that I am supposed to be living. Not like… Continue reading I keep telling myself…

2016, July 2016


I used to always hear, "Nothing is Impossible for Jesus." And I would smile and nod and be like, yeah you're right. And I wouldn't really take that statement in. It just was. I am, right now, sitting in the van on the way home from dialysis. And I am just thinking about the miracles… Continue reading Limitless