2016, March 2016

The evil that lurks

Death. It has followed us around for the past 2 years.It has appeared in my life on a daily basis. It is the evil that lurks and takes advantage of our weaknesses. It stands behind us and takes a step each time we do. It follows us and waits for the chance to steal our… Continue reading The evil that lurks

2016, February 2016

Other Mother’s

What is it called when you are a mother who is being told your baby is not going to survive? What are we mother's called?? What is it called when we plan a funeral for our baby before he is even born, but then he IS  born alive? What are we mother's called?? What is it… Continue reading Other Mother’s

2016, February 2016

Survivor’s guilt…

About a year ago I wrote a post about having a prenatal diagnosis and what I did to get through our fatal diagnosis. And I received some really rude comments when it was recently published on The Mighty. I was surprised at what they were attacking me for and I was even more surprised at… Continue reading Survivor’s guilt…


Sanctity of Life

**Post found on Sufficient Grace ministries Facebook page** Our beautiful friend, OB nurse, and mother, Mary Young, shared these powerful words at her church on this Sanctity of Life Sunday: On June 22nd, 6 years ago, Jason and I went to our routine 20 week sonogram with our third baby. It was at this fateful appointment that… Continue reading Sanctity of Life