I keep telling myself…

I keep telling myself that we are going to make it. That everything will be okay. I keep giving myself pep talks that this is just one thing. That this is just a "bump in the road". I keep telling myself that this isn't the life that I am supposed to be living. Not like… Continue reading I keep telling myself…


Our big announcement 

The day we have been waiting for since I was pregnant with the twins is now coming true. We were told Matthew would not survive the pregnancy and he would most likely take Callia with him. We told doctors that, although grateful and confident in their God given skill, our faith was in God. HE… Continue reading Our big announcement 


Today. Test day! 

March 28, 2017 Today. Today has actually happened. It's a day I have waited for years to hear. The day we are told that there is a MATCH for Matthew to receive a kidney!! I heard it today. I heard those words be told directly to me. "We are a match." My heart felt like… Continue reading Today. Test day! 

2017, March 2017

Twelve Days, 12 hours.

Twelve days, 12 hours.... this is the text I received today from a very special friend. Twelve days, 12 hours... and I will know if this special friend of mine will be the perfect match for Matthew. Yes, that's right! We may have a kidney donor for my two year old son!! It was about… Continue reading Twelve Days, 12 hours.

2017, March 2017

Have I done it all? 

I can't help but think this *ALL* THE* TIME!!!  ALL THE TIME.  Have I done enough?!?! It was three years ago on March 20th that we first learned about Matthew. That night I came home and Googled the heck out of every alien word I heard that morning. And I searched statistics. I searched survival… Continue reading Have I done it all?