Don’t look at me…

If God created me to be a leader, an example, a person that people turn to or go to for advice or encouragement.... why did He make it so hard for me to face people?? Why has He allowed this anxiety in me take over my life?? How am I supposed to do what He… Continue reading Don’t look at me…



So here is a question i am curious for other people to answer.... When the ONE THING you never thought would happen happens, how do you act? How do you compose yourself to react to evil, crazy, unimaginable things in a Godly manner?? There is so much going on that I wish I can just openly share… Continue reading Unreal


At this point…

I keep wondering how much longer, can I do this... how much harder is this life gonna get... I don't understand some days and other days I have total clarity. I wonder if its just my emotional detachment that is trying to get put back together or if its my spiritual life holding and fighting… Continue reading At this point…


The Fog of Life

I have missed a few weeks of writing. I have been purposely avoiding writing because I felt I needed to actually LIVE IN THESE MOMENTS. I knew I could always go back and update, which I will. I promise. But I wanted to really just FEEL. For once..  FEEL whatever it was that I was… Continue reading The Fog of Life

2016, april 2016

Stages of Grief – Anger

**Your true character is revealed, not by how you act when you got it all together, but how you act when the bottom falls out**   It's sad to read how so many people endorse such anger when they are faced with grief... there are many different ways that people grieve. And there are so… Continue reading Stages of Grief – Anger