Don’t look at me…

If God created me to be a leader, an example, a person that people turn to or go to for advice or encouragement.... why did He make it so hard for me to face people?? Why has He allowed this anxiety in me take over my life?? How am I supposed to do what He… Continue reading Don’t look at me…


Emotional Detachment

I am going to be brutally honest in this post because I think it's time. I can't seem to comprehend the reality of everything going on lately. I have been in Mama Bear Mode for so long, I have detached myself from feeling true emotion. From day one I have had to fight for Matthew… Continue reading Emotional Detachment

2016, February 2016

Other Mother’s

What is it called when you are a mother who is being told your baby is not going to survive? What are we mother's called?? What is it called when we plan a funeral for our baby before he is even born, but then he IS  born alive? What are we mother's called?? What is it… Continue reading Other Mother’s

2016, February 2016, Uncategorized

At What Cost?

I am currently a part of support group for parents of babies who have been diagnosed with the same complication as our son, Posterior Urethral Valves. And a new mother recently posted about how overwhelmed she is right now. She had also done the procedure that we did for Matthew…placing a shunt in his bladder… Continue reading At What Cost?

2016, February 2016

Survivor’s guilt…

About a year ago I wrote a post about having a prenatal diagnosis and what I did to get through our fatal diagnosis. And I received some really rude comments when it was recently published on The Mighty. I was surprised at what they were attacking me for and I was even more surprised at… Continue reading Survivor’s guilt…