2017, February 2017

February 2017

So this month has been..... a little "off". I know it is just one of those times that everything is just going to be hard. And that is the perfect way to describe this month so far... hard. It feels like nothing has been easy. Nothing has come smoothly and nothing has gone as planned.… Continue reading February 2017


Monday. January 2nd 2017

Oh this boy... dialysis was poopy today. His blood pressure started off at 153/103 and then got down to 47/32. So he was fussy almost the entire 3 hours. Inconsolable. Days like today i wish mommy can just pick him up and walk out of this place. I picture myself carrying him in a hurry… Continue reading Monday. January 2nd 2017

2016, JUNE 2016


I find myself hashtagging this more and more. #HospitalLife That's what our life has been categorized as. #HospitalLife. Life in a hospital. Life in a place that we spend most of our time at. I spend more time at the hospital than inside my own home. My son knows this place. Hospital and Home. That… Continue reading #HospitalLife