Monday. January 2nd 2017

Oh this boy... dialysis was poopy today. His blood pressure started off at 153/103 and then got down to 47/32. So he was fussy almost the entire 3 hours. Inconsolable. Days like today i wish mommy can just pick him up and walk out of this place. I picture myself carrying him in a hurry… Continue reading Monday. January 2nd 2017

2016, December 2016

26 Pounds 

Before Matthew was born, we were told that the magic number we need to pray for is 22. He needs to get to the minimum weight of 22 pounds to be eligible for a kidney transplant.It was highly unlikely that he would survive anything from pregnancy to NICU to after NICU... but we still had… Continue reading 26 Pounds 

2016, JUNE 2016

Year In Review

In July 2015, a journalist from Loma Linda University Children's Hsopital wrote an article about our amazing and miraculous pregnancy. (Link to the story on our Made For A Miracle website here-> Miracle Twins ) Last week, I received a phone call from one of the Marketing Directors at the Children's Hospital. She said that she wanted… Continue reading Year In Review