Today. Test day! 

March 28, 2017 Today. Today has actually happened. It's a day I have waited for years to hear. The day we are told that there is a MATCH for Matthew to receive a kidney!! I heard it today. I heard those words be told directly to me. "We are a match." My heart felt like… Continue reading Today. Test day! 


Emotional Detachment

I am going to be brutally honest in this post because I think it's time. I can't seem to comprehend the reality of everything going on lately. I have been in Mama Bear Mode for so long, I have detached myself from feeling true emotion. From day one I have had to fight for Matthew… Continue reading Emotional Detachment

2016, january 2017

Release and Let Be

Matthew goes in for his Second Transplant Evaluation tomorrow. I learned today that his Nephrologist actually put in the request for him to be seen again. She said he has met his goal that they wanted and thinks that he is a good size to go active on the transplant list. Matthew was first seen… Continue reading Release and Let Be


Flashbacks & Triggers

Does anyone else get flashbacks? Does anyone else get dreams or nightmares that feel so real, it feels like you are going through it all over again? Has anyone else woken up in the middle of the night or forced yourself out of a daydream because you just can't take what you are seeing or… Continue reading Flashbacks & Triggers


The Process

Everybody goes through a "process" in life. When you are going through anything or about to start a new adventure... there is a process. When you are about to start a new job, there is a process. You have to learn, you study, you practice, you do what you gotta do to get to where you… Continue reading The Process