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Be Still….

I have had to make some crazy decisions these last few months and I have yet to make the biggest decision yet. I really don't know what I should do. My life has been turned upside down these last few years. And last year, while dangling upside down, I was being shook to make sure… Continue reading Be Still….


This is it… the manuscript

I just received a big 'ol packet from the publishers office and I am trying my hardest to NOT freak out!!I have been writing steadily for a year now. Not every day, of course, but still... writing. I have had to deal with some things that had happened and had to find a way to… Continue reading This is it… the manuscript


At what point…

At what point do you stop?  At what point do you give up your part? At what point do you finally stand up and say NO!?!?!  At what point do you give in to something or someone?  At what point?  For someone who doesn't quit or give up... at what point do i finally say… Continue reading At what point…