He came home 4 years ago…

In November 2014, I wrote about the day we brought our son home from the hospital for the first time. And although he had several... years worth... of hospital stays after this... but there is nothing like the FIRST TIME he ever came home!! I wrote two blog posts about it back in 2014. 143 days… Continue reading He came home 4 years ago…


The NICU- Four Years Later

The NICU is a place of miracles. The NICU is a place of wonder. It is one of the most frightening places anyone can ever walk into. From beeping alarms, monitors sounding off and babies crying... every day is different. Every NICU experience is unique. There is not one story that is the same. When… Continue reading The NICU- Four Years Later



Oh, how I am blessed.  December 2013- we found out we were pregnant. Having four girls, having an well established career, a great marriage, amazing church life, finances far exceeding what we planned... why not try for a boy?! Early March 2014- I was 15 weeks along. At our monthly OB appointment, we found out… Continue reading Blessed.

2016, JUNE 2016

June 13

One of my most memorable memories... two years ago today we were told for the final time in our pregnancy that "there's nothing we can do" to save Matthew. I remember being in shock. My heart had been broken for 3 months already in this pregnancy but I literally felt the pain of my brokenness… Continue reading June 13

March 2016

March 20

two years ago today i took this pic. i was getting ready to go see the twins. to see Callia and Matthew (at the time his name was Cross..lol) I had no idea this day was going to be the day that we learned about Matthew and his diagnosis. THIS was the day that the… Continue reading March 20