2017, april 2016

The Decision to Fight

April 2014... we made the decision to fight! We weren't going to listen to doctors or social workers or even family members and friends that said maybe we should just let "nature take its course"...We were guided into the direction of termination because IF our son even survives this pregnancy, he will be born with many… Continue reading The Decision to Fight


APRIL 4TH 2014

  I bet you would have NO IDEA that my heart was shattered into a MILLION pieces in this picture, on this day, three years ago. Seeing the twins on ultrasound, knowing what was wrong with Matthew and hearing that neither would survive. (I have perfected my "fake" smile over the years. This was only… Continue reading APRIL 4TH 2014

2016, JUNE 2016

June 13

One of my most memorable memories... two years ago today we were told for the final time in our pregnancy that "there's nothing we can do" to save Matthew. I remember being in shock. My heart had been broken for 3 months already in this pregnancy but I literally felt the pain of my brokenness… Continue reading June 13

2016, JUNE 2016

June 12

Two years ago today I was on bed rest because of the twins. I had just had an amnio-infusion and Matthew had a bladder tap. I was having really bad contractions but I was not dilating. I was on strict bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. I was 29 weeks. Just the week… Continue reading June 12

2016, april 2016

Quality of Life

It was about two years ago exactly that my husband and I were in a meeting with several doctors to discuss interventions for our twins, along with the risks intervention may carry and the quality of life they both may live. I remember each specialty came in and gave us their speech. Each one sounding more and… Continue reading Quality of Life