Manifestation of a Miracle

I found out we were having twins when I was 14 weeks pregnant. I found out that I was having a girl and BOY in February 2014. And I found out God had very different plans for us in March 2014. Our journey has been so long. Our journey has been so tiresome. Our journey… Continue reading Manifestation of a Miracle


Don’t look at me…

If God created me to be a leader, an example, a person that people turn to or go to for advice or encouragement.... why did He make it so hard for me to face people?? Why has He allowed this anxiety in me take over my life?? How am I supposed to do what He… Continue reading Don’t look at me…

2016, april 2016

Collaborating with others

I am really really new at the social media thing. I know that right now social media is HUGE. It is a big deal. And I know that I have to learn the INS and OUTS of using it properly. To be honest, for a girl that has some social anxiety, online social media is perfect for… Continue reading Collaborating with others