The NICU- Four Years Later

The NICU is a place of miracles. The NICU is a place of wonder. It is one of the most frightening places anyone can ever walk into. From beeping alarms, monitors sounding off and babies crying... every day is different. Every NICU experience is unique. There is not one story that is the same. When… Continue reading The NICU- Four Years Later


The “I AM” wall

Entering into the Children's Hospital, there are large photos of little patients with huge success stories. On each canvas there is a statement that says "I AM ...." and it displays a word with a short description of the child's journey and what they had overcome. I remember April 2014, it was the first time… Continue reading The “I AM” wall


APRIL 4TH 2014

  I bet you would have NO IDEA that my heart was shattered into a MILLION pieces in this picture, on this day, three years ago. Seeing the twins on ultrasound, knowing what was wrong with Matthew and hearing that neither would survive. (I have perfected my "fake" smile over the years. This was only… Continue reading APRIL 4TH 2014

2016, JUNE 2016

June 12

Two years ago today I was on bed rest because of the twins. I had just had an amnio-infusion and Matthew had a bladder tap. I was having really bad contractions but I was not dilating. I was on strict bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. I was 29 weeks. Just the week… Continue reading June 12

2016, april 2016

His Twin

I have spent most of my time and energy making sure that Matthew gets everything he needs to get well. I spend countless hours a week to make sure he gets healthy, feels better, does well, learns and gets treated like a "normal" kid.... a "normal" sibling. Matthew's twin sister, Callia, was a hero before… Continue reading His Twin